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"Where do Admins come from, are they merely fanciful dreams of the dispossed and downtraughtent, or are they something more, and if so, what makes an Admin? Inside the tiny webite of the Brickipedia, real Admins are made every day. They are the product of tireless Brickipedian user and editors who work around the clock to create extraordinary LEGO pages. Fitted with a large brain that is made able to hold the very information that holds this wiki and state of the art keyboards and computers. A Brickipedian Admin is a being of unparrallel knowledge. Who fights vandals with both tools and keyboards. No one can be in any doubt as to where Admins come from: Brickipedia- We have Admins!"

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Dataman1 Dataman1 24 December 2011

Editors Wanted!

I think I'm about the only person still editing here, and we need more editors. This wiki is dying slowly, and needs some help. And I don't mean powe…

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Vel! Vel! 11 July 2017

Somewhere else

This is a sequel to my "comeback fail" post.

"Somewhere else" is a relatively new family of insults. I haven't seen any prior usage of this system, so…

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Flex217 Flex217 10 June 2011


I never knew it was against the law to be on Wikia underaged. If you want to give hate-mail please don't.Flex217

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