LEGO Brickipedia 3: Revenge Of The Outcasts is the 3rd game in the Brickipedia trilogy.

Story Edit

After being banned again by cjc, you gather a army of all banned users from Brickipedia. You then go and attempt to fight your way through all fourlayers of the wiki-wastes to reach Brickipedia again. After fighting your way through the wiki-waste, you arrive at Brickipedia, and fight cjc, and a ressurected BobaFett2. After beating cjc (finally!), you find a thing in his head. it is not LEGO, but it is MEGA BLOK! MEGA BLOKS have mind controlled cjc! As cjc is about to swear, a terrifying screech is heard. a huge MEGA BLOK dragon attacks. After beating three MEGA BLOK threats, you battle the evil mega brands boss. when you beat him, there is a huge party and everyone lives happily ever after, until The /\/\ods return....


Area 1: The Wiki-Wastes desertEdit

Boss: SandStorm

Area 2: The Wiki-Wastes oceanEdit

Boss: Sharktopus

Area 3: The Wiki-Wastes jungleEdit

Boss: Jurngle

Area 4: The Wiki-Wastes infernoEdit

Boss: Clonetard Maximus

Area 5: BrickipediaEdit

Bosses: Kingcjc,Dragon Mahstor,The MEGA THREATS

Area 6: Stage deltaEdit

Boss:Gunner Commando

AREA 7:Castle Stone

Boss:Ser Alister

AREA 8:Attack Of Westerland

Boss:Ser Alister