LegoFanChertsey2222 Is a character. He is banned in for being under-age and attacking cjc in LEGO Brickipedia 2:The /\/\ods Who Reject All. He has a banning blaster. He blew off cjc's arm just before being banned. He also is jealous that Flex217 is unbanned.

LegoFanChertsey2222 (Fire)

In his fire form, LegoFanChertsey2222 can
burn his enemies. You earn it after beating bobert 100 times.

LegoFanChertsey2222 (DarkBlaze)

In his DarkBlaze form, LegoFanChertsey2222 is the second strongest character. He can swipe villains with his


claws and blast them with his laser. You unlock it after completing the game 2 times.

LegoFanChertsey2222 (Inferno Disguise)

Little is known about this suit, other than it is unlocked after beating noobot.